newglassworksHello. This is my Blog.
I make Stained glass.
This blog is to highlight things I find on the web that inspire or interest me, in relation to my work. I will also post images of my work so I can hopefully recieve feedback good or bad!, so I can improve and hone my skills. I will answer any questions people may have, if i post a picture or work of yours and you wish me to remove it please let me know. I am of course open to commisions!!!
I am a 35 year old male living, working and playing in the north east of England.
Examples of my work can be found by pressing the 'My work' button on the right hand menu

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A recent restoration job completed by newglassworks.  Lots of broken pieces and the lead came generally looking worn and tired. Full strip down of the lead panel, cleaning the glass, re-placing broken and missing glass. Then full re-leading and the panels are as good as new!

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